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Welcome to VRobot on HTC Vive VR! VRobot is a game about being a giant robot who smashes building in a city. Use special tools like vacuum gun and tornado maker to destroy everything!
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VRobot Gameplay Overview:

If you have a Giant Robot you definitely have to use it to make the World a better place. Something went wrong, robots and driverless cars flooded the entire planet. Humans built the Giant Robot to help them clean and reclaim their cities.

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VRobot Gameplay Features:

►Destroy all cities, driverless cars, ships and robots… Let people return to their homes;
►Be the ultimate destroyer of your choice and collect special devastating tools like the Tractor Beam or the Tornado Maker or just crash everything in your path by your giant robohands;
►Be the the most accurate or the most crazy cleanup machine for the name of the Robots god;
►Do not miss special buildings in the city and clean them up (smash to pieces) quickly;
►Find your strategy to clean the city as fast as possible;
►Defeat SuperRobot 3000!;
►Solve the mystery of giant black hole in the sky. If you figure it out – please tell us, we want to know what the hell is going on too;
►Create new fun ways to destroy the city along with developers while in Early Access;
►Investigate what exactly happened before robots flooded the entire planet.

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