Live-Streaming VR & Seeing Chat in VR: Tutorial For The Absolute Novice

This video is a complete walkthrough on how to stream your VR experiences and view your live-stream chat in VR. EXPAND THIS DESCRIPTION FOR ADDITIONAL INFO AND ENUMERATED STEPS:

Everything you need is free except for one piece of software, OVRDrop, which at the time of writing this costs $11.24 on Steam. Presumably you could use the older, free, version available on Github, but I have not tried that method.

This tutorial uses the following:
~ HTC VIVE (though other VR systems should work)
~ Steam VR
~OVRDrop (Other restreaming options are available)
~OBS (Open Broadcast Software)
~YouTube Streaming (Twitch should work fine as well)
~PC (Other systems should work fine)

(1) Setup YouTube Streaming on Youtube
(a) Make note of your YouTube Stream Key (Create a Stream Key if you don’t have one.)
(b) Creator Studio ➩ Live Streaming ➩ Stream Options ➩ Enable DVR
(c) Creator Studio ➩ Live Streaming ➩Stream Options ➩ Make archive unlisted when complete
(d) Creator Studio ➩ Live Streaming ➩ Basic Info ➩ Advanced Settings ➩ Enable Live Chat
(e) Creator Studio ➩ Live Streaming ➩ Basic Info ➩ Configure default title, description and tags
(f) Creator Studio ➩ Channel ➩ Advanced ➩ Disable Advertisements
(2) Install OBS
(a) Make Portable
(b) Make shortcut on desktop
(3) Install the OpenVR Input Plugin
(a) This captures full-resolution from OpenVR or SteamVR. Unless you do this, your viewers won’t be able to see the chat window on your recorded/streamed videos
(b) Copy files to OBS directories
(4) Make a account and attach your YouTube account
(a) Add New Channel ➩ YouTube Stream Now ➩ etc.
(i) You will need your YouTube Stream Key
(b) Download and configure the desktop app
(c) Launch and configure the web app
(d) Configure Webchat so the text is big and visible. The defalt Youtube chat is tiny and doesn’t look great in VR
(5) Install OVR Drop
(a) Purchase on Steam
(6) Launch VR from Steam
(7) Add Various Sources to Your OBS Scene
(a) OpenVR Capture
(i) Properties ➩ Crop Preset ➩ HTC Vive 16:9
(b) Audio Input Capture (HTC Vive Mic)
(i) Properties ➩ Device ➩ Microphone (USB Audio Device)
(c) Audio Output Capture (Audio you hear in VR)
(i) Properties ➩ Device ➩ HTC-VIVE-4 (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)
(d) Video Capture Device (if you have a webcam)
(8) Launch OVRDrop from within VR and configure
(9) Connect OBS to YouTube
(a) Attach YouTube Stream Key to OBS
(i) Creator Studio ➩ Live Streaming ➩ Basic Info ➩ Encoder Setup
(b) Change output format to MP4 (this isn’t necessary to stream, it’s just a good idea if you want to use OBS to record Youtube videos)
(i) Settings ➩ Output ➩ Recording Format ➩ mp4
(10) Test
(a) Make Web Client fullscreen and maximize by pressing F11(Chrome)
(b) Select the Chrome chat window from OVRDrop
(c) Open your YouTube Livestream page and quickly test to see if you can send yourself a message. Make fullscreen again like you did in 7a. Look at your chat window in VR to make sure it worked
(d) Start Streaming and verify that you’re okay with how it looks/sounds

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