Destroying the Alien Rabbit Invasion! – Hangry Bunnies From Mars VR Gameplay – HTC Vive VR

Welcome to Hangry Bunnies From Mars! Hangry Bunnies From Mars is a wave based VR game where you defend yourself against hordes of Hangry Bunnies from Mars! ► Watch more VR games:

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Hangry Bunnies From Mars Gameplay Overview:

How long will you survive against an unrelenting horde of fluffy-wuffy alien bunnies?
Join up with the Critter Death Squad as the team’s chief exterminator (who may or may not be a clone) and arm yourself to the teeth with epic weaponry designed by the team’s unhinged mad scientist, get tactical updates from a KGB pizza delivery driver, and fight to keep Earth off the dinner menu!

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Hangry Bunnies From Mars Gameplay Features:

►Hundreds of onscreen bunnies attacking at once!
►Fight against fantastic toon style alien bunnies–the Fluffies, Heavies, and Scouts
►Three unique weapons that unlock the longer you survive
►Overclockable weapon damage output with consecutive kills
►Powerful secondary weapons provide strategic advantages
►Local and Global highscore boards for boisterous bunny bounty bragging!
►Intelligent difficulty engine that will adjust to your skill level in realtime as you play
►Three difficulty modes (Fluffy Wuffy, Hangry, Really Hangry!) for an extra challenge
►Score multiplier gives you greater bonuses for playing on a harder difficulty
►Make your stand in a vibrant section of New Los Angeles, all in immersive, roomscale VR!
►Featuring an epic original score by Dave Dexter that changes dynamically as you play

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Download Hangry Bunnies from Mars on Steam:

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A free press key was provided for this video.

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