PROBABLY SHOULDN’T DRINK THIS – Dungeon Brewmaster VR Gameplay

PROBABLY SHOULDN’T DRINK THIS – Dungeon Brewmaster VR Gameplay
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I was just playing Troy, going through the different possibilities, and no one told me what happens if you throw the beer bottle after catching the football. Mother of God, do NOT throw the beer bottle…

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ABOUT: Dungeon Brewmaster

Dungeon Brewmaster is an immersive VR experience that transports you into the role of a seemingly ordinary magical bartender. You’ll brew potions (or poisons) for a variety of fantastical patrons. Every recipe is unique, made from a collection of unusual raw ingredients. But be warned; Every brew comes with consequences. The effects of which will be felt far beyond the walls of the old tavern. So choose your brew wisely.

Behind the old bar, you’ll find a constantly growing assortment of ingredients, equipment and utensils – all at your disposal. Each one with a specific, specialized function that will test your wizardly skill level. Follow the recipes within the enchanted spell book to progress the story as endless unwitting customers pass through the tavern doors. Your choices alone control the world of Dungeon Brewmaster.
30+ super weird ingredients to Brew with
Spellbinding Recipe Book full of totally normal things like Floppy Swamp Brew
8 different Brewing tools
A really honest cosmetic goodies dealer
Original Score by the magical Jesse Cale
Intro story mode bringing you into an ever expanding world where you control the outcome
24/7 happy hour featuring thirsty patrons with unique backstories and VO
A pet trashcan you can feed just about anything


Background Music By Teknoaxe:

End Card By Exandria:

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