Mech Fighter VR Videogame Mecha Rushdown Lunches Next Week

If you have ever dreamed of stepping into the ring to battle massive 20ft tall robots in high powered Mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing style showdowns then you are in luck. Say hello to Mecha Rushdown, a new virtual reality (VR) title from developer Blueroom that invites players to control these giant suits of metal and power and battle it out.

Mecha Rushdown

Up to two players pick up their motion controls and get ready to punch, dodge, weave and even fire off energy blasts to take out their opponent. With a range of different moves available and the freedom to fight however you want, Mecha Rushdown encourages players to mix and match to become the best fighter around.

Featuring the chance to fight in both immersive first-person or third-person in intense one-on-one multiplayer fights. Throw your punches, move your body to avoid hits and even jump in the air and unleash a powerful kick. With actions and locomotion coming from your controller inputs and analogue stick inputs, there is a lot of options on how to fight. If you need some practice don’t worry because the title includes a hangar space in which you can try out your moves, check out the global and regional Ranking states and find your next fight.

Mecha Rushdown

Each of the mecha you can control in battle are big, powerful and highly detailed offering a truly immersive experience in which you will feel the impact of every hit and the rush of adrenaline that comes from these fights. Even the ring you step into to do battle is a colourful display of neon lights and crowds cheering helping to get players into the mind set of going toe-to-toe with each other.

Mecha Rushdown is launching on August 8th, 2018 for Ouclus Rift and Oculus Touch and the title will include the online multiplayer and a number of different mecha at launch. You can view a trailer for the title below and get excited to step into the ring in what could easily be described as the closest thing to Real Steel we will ever see. For more on the title and Blueroom in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

Source: VR Focus | Mech Fighter VR Videogame Mecha Rushdown Lunches Next Week