PSVR Releases August 2018 | 13 New PSVR Games + 1 Free Plus Game!

Confirmed and rumoured Playstation VR releases of August 2018.
A lot of promising and polished titles this month.

PSVR Releases August 2018:
Here They Lie (free for PS+ members)
Track Lab
Arizona Sunshine: Dead Men DLC (got delayed last month)
Bow to Blood
Downward Spiral: Horus Station
Firewall Zero Hour
Mind Labyrinth
Naked Sun (a couple of unofficial sources say it’s coming this month)
Summer Funland
The Perfect Sniper (releases in EU, already out in US)
Unearthing Mars 2 (likely to release this month)
Honor & Duty: D-Day (beta probably releases this month)

Also releasing this month but not in this video:
Vroom Kaboom ( )

You’ll probably find a copy of this video in a few days on the Apricot Channel. He copies content from Without Parole, Polish Paul and me. Please don’t watch his videos.

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