Molding an Entire World With Your Bare Hands as an All Powerful God! – The God VR HTC VIVE Gameplay

Molding an Entire World With Your Bare Hands as an All Powerful God! – The God VR HTC VIVE Gameplay
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We’ve played some God games before where we got to put different environments down or use some special powers, but we’ve never had one where we get to mold the entire world from absolutely nothing with our bare hands, and that’s pretty cool. The God has a very simple premise, make something out of nothing.

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ABOUT: The God

The God is a creative-sandbox relaxing game available for PC and VR platform. Feel the real power of the god and create your own world from scratch. Shape the terrain, edit weather and decide about the life of your living beings as you wish. Feel free to play a short scenario mode – the human evolution and show them the right direction.

• Create & Edit Worlds from Scratch
• Edit Weather & Clouds
• Physically Based Fluid Simulation
• Short Scenario Mode
• More than 12 Languages Supported
• Beautiful & Relaxing Background Music
• Beautiful Atmosphere

Feel the power of the god and create your dream world in a beautiful low-poly style. Share your creations with your friends and enjoy.

Big Thanks
To Follow The Compass for a great soundtracks
To Community for language translations


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