The Epic Fire Breathing Dragon Fish and Basketball Dunk! – Crazy Fishing HTC Vive VR

Welcome to Crazy Fishing! Crazy Fishing is a VR fishing game where you catch crazy fish using crazy baits in virtual reality! ► Support Blitz on Patreon:

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Crazy Fishing Gameplay Overview:

►Frills, Gills and Spills!
►Eat items, like flies, mushrooms and chicken wings!
►Grind your catch or trade it in for sweet cash!
►Explore and interact with the landscape via teleportation.
►Store items in your inventory!
►Unlock breathtaking fishing spots!
►Catch 33 wacky and interactive fish!
►Track your progress with the Fish ‘o’ Dex!
►Comfortable VR experience.
►Logical fishing rod mechanics for an immersive fishing experience!
►Buy cosmetic items.
►Steam leader boards, are you the best angler?
►Customize your house and aquarium!

Get hooked by our a beautifully silly sense of humor and stay for the immersion!

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Download Crazy Fishing on Steam:

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