Bottle Flipping and More Mini Games! – Virtually Impossible Gameplay – VR HTC Vive

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Welcome to Virtually Impossible! The Impossible VR Party Game. Compete with friends to a marathon of ridiculous challenges. Deceivingly simple and hilarious for players and audiences that is sure to bring the room to its feet.

Who will go the furthest?
Compete in a kart race with your friends to achieve the furthest distance. But beware, in order to advance you will have to overcome impossible challenges. Gameplay specifically designed for VR that puts players dexterity, intelligence and reflexes to the test.

– 1-4 Players hot seat local multiplayer. Strap on to race for glory then sit back and watch your friends fail in agony.
– 8 ridiculous challenges, each having 5 difficulties and absurd varieties.

Next Update:
– Online Multiplayer!
– New seasons that include different worlds and more challenges.
– Seasonal championships. Immortalise your highscore and become a Legend with Seasonal Championship boards.

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Intro Song – The Swing by TexasBrother:

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