Pokemon Isle Of Armor DLC First Impressions And Favorite PS5 Reveals – GameSpot After Dark #46

This week on GameSpot After Dark, Kallie talks about the Pokemon Isle of Armor DLC, Jake is playing Persona 4 Golden on PC, Jean-Luc tried the Ultrakill and System Shock demos, and Lucy revisits Horizon Zero Dawn. We also discuss the New Pokemon Snap announcement, our favorite reveals from the PS5 event, and the nickname for the Eurostar Channel Tunnel.

0:00 – Intro
4:30 – Horizon Zero Dawn (What We’ve Been Playing)
10:30 – Ultrakill (What We’ve Been Playing)
16:31 – System Shock Alpha Demo (What We’ve Been Playing)
20:42 – Losing Save Progress In Games
28:45 – Persona 4 Golden On PC (What We’ve Been Playing)
32:14 – Pokemon Isle Of Armor (What We’ve Been Playing)
40:20 – Our Favorite News From The PS5 Reveal
52:19 – New Pokemon Snap Announcement
1:00:16 – Secret Chunnel
1:03:33 – Listener Questions
1:19:31 – Outro