Death Stranding – Combat Veteran on Hard Mode S-Rank

Sam Porter takes on the terrifying Combat Veteran in the trenches of this World War I battlefield. Using cover and only the equipment found around you we fight this powerful soldier on the hardest difficulty. Death Stranding is available now on PS4 and will be available on PC in 2020.

It’s likely that most of what you’ve seen of Death Stranding revolves around traversing vast plains or hiking across mountains while balancing a backpack full of packages; basically getting from one place to another in one piece. At its core, much of the gameplay tasks you with making deliveries and overcoming the challenges presented by the terrain. As Sam Porter Bridges you try to piece together what’s left of America. However, there is traditional combat in parts.

Not only do BTs pose a great threat that’ll have you stressing when sneaking about, but you’ll have to get your hands dirty in combat. And in the video above, we show you an S-rank run of a long and intense boss fight on Hard difficulty.

Later in the game, you take on the terrifying Combat Veteran in what appears to be the trenches of a World War I battlefield. You must use cover and the equipment found around you, and a few guns take him down and the deathly soldiers conjured up during the fight. Be warned, this video may contain spoilers.

Death Stranding is out now on PlayStation 4 with a PC version coming in 2020. Be sure to read our Death Stranding review for our full thoughts on the game.