Death Stranding PSA: Don’t Spend Too Much Time In Chapter 2

We got a nice spoiler-free Death Stranding tip for you, one that can save you potentially hours of time.

In large open-world games, it can be easy to lose yourself in the desire to complete each area as you encounter it–especially if you’re aiming to 100 percent the game. When it comes to Death Stranding, however, you should try to get to Episode 3 in the story as quickly as possible.

In the video above, Ben Janca explains why you shouldn’t spend too much time in the second episode of Death Stranding. Once you get to Episode 3, the game really begins to open up–offering new areas to travel to, intriguing story details, cool items, a fast-travel mechanic, and the ability to fabricate vehicles. Since you unlock fast travel in Episode 3, you can go back and clean up any lingering missions that you skipped in Episode 2’s area. Just try to beeline it to Episode 3.