Why GreedFall is the game Bioware fans should care about

#GreedFall is out soon, and if you’re thirsting for some Dragon Age 4 or Bioware goodness, this is the RPG you need to look out for. It’s flown a bit under the radar, but Eurogamer’s Zoe Delahunty-Light explores how this videogame by Spiders is set in a fantastical, 17th Century land where a disease ravages your home country.

Sent to the isle of Teer Fradee, the cure might be on its shores – but you’ll have to ally with or deceive various factions to get what you want.

Just like Dragon Age in GreedFall you’ve got your own companions accompanying you on your adventures, but each one belongs to a specific faction and should be treated carefully… they might not appreciate you chatting with the enemy, after all.

With a non-restrictive skill tree and the ability to switch to strategised combat, this GreedFall gameplay hints that it’s the RPG to watch if you have a Bioware-shaped hole in your life!

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