How Marvel’s Avengers Plays: Combat, Co-op And More Explained – MARVEL’S AVENGERS GAMEPLAY

Wondering how Marvel’s Avengers Game plays? Have no fear! Eurogamer’s Aoife Wilson saw a game demo and got the low-down on how the Avengers game actually works at Gamescom 2019, and she’s here to tell you all about it. So sit back, put on that blanket cape (come on, everybody’s done it once) and watch how Marvel’s Avengers actually plays for details on co-op, single player, combat, and more.

From combat, to missions (both solo and co-op), customisation to dreaded microtransactions, this video about Marvel’s Avengers gameplay is here to answer most of your questions. In this video you’ll find how to earn (or buy…) cosmetics for your Avenger, what exactly your Wartable is, and how on earth you’re going to get the Avengers back together.

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