DREAMS | PS4 | First Impressions!!!! – I’m Building A PSVR SPACE GAME!

If i can make this in 6 days imagine what i can do in six years……..
DREAMS | PS4 | First Impressions!!!! – I’m Building A VR SPACE GAME!
guys we are allowed to stream Now MM said so, that’s great news. i can’t wait to show you how amazing this is. i am also working on the seraphim project, just in 6 days i managed to pull together a universe now i can spend the rest of time filling it up with life.
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Born too late to explore the world.
Born too soon to explore the universe.
Born in the right time to do both in a video game.

I created Shambala because of a dream and its now one of the biggest Minecraft ps3 maps in the world
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