Surgeon Simulator Multiplayer – PS4 Launch Trailer

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Malpractice makes perfect.

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Multiplayer will be a free update available US and EU from the 27th August 2014.

The critically acclaimed, BAFTA-nominated, one-handed, clumsy, bumbling, surgery simulation game has now arrived on PlayStation 4! Players can use their controllers to operate one of would-be surgeon Nigel Burke’s flailing arms, in an attempt to perform life-saving surgery on his peaceful and trusting patient, Bob.

In the super-elite Anniversary Edition, Nigel’s surgical adventures will take him through over 20 operations and across 5 different locations, including the new eye and teeth transplants, corridors, ambulance and space. We’ve also added 56 trophies for you to collect, admire. Aren’t you lucky?

€10.99 / £8.99/$12.99

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Music used:
1st track – from the Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition soundtrack by Black Heron.
Internet Troll by Shirobon