DO NOT RESIST ARREST! – Police Enforcement VR Gameplay HTC VIVE

DO NOT RESIST ARREST! – Police Enforcement VR Gameplay HTC VIVE
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It was an average day on the job…before basically everyone and their brother decided to become a raging psychopath. We’re taking to the streets as a police officer in order to battle the crime that has gone way out of control. Police Enforcement VR is a bit buggy for sure, but it’s a hoot when you start dealing with crazy suspects.

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ABOUT: Police Enforcement VR

***/// Police Enforcement VR Is Still Under Development, Something May Not Be Complete, Finished, or not working. Some models are place holders, ///******\ Please understand this when purchasing and placing reviews ///***

Police Enforcement VR is an open world police simulator made from the ground up for Virtual Reality. You can attend Police Academy, Here you are given all the training you need to become a Police Officer. You start your career as a Police recruit and then advance your career. Other careers will include Patrol Officer, K9 Officer, Under Cover Officer, SWAT, and Detective. Free roam the map or accept a call from dispatch to chasing suspects on foot and by car all events are at random. Use Speech Recognition to command and interact with suspects and people.

Key Features:

– Play and experience the exciting day to day life of a police officer.
– Authentic police equipment and vehicles.
– Speech Recognition Software to provide more in depth feeling to the game.


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