Using Dolphin Emu, Tridef3D, and XPadder to put Metroid Prime in the Rift [Oculus Rift Gameplay]

Hey Rifters!

It took a fair bit of effort, but finally one of my VR dreams has come true: Metroid Prime playable in VR! Its a great experience, the low res menus of the game are perfect for the Rift. My Christmas night will be full of morph balls and corridors! Sorry about the low resolution! Things that you need to get it running:

Mushroom Tomatoes awesome tutorial and xpadder profile:

TriDef3D (demo or purchase) and the Oculus Rift add-on:

TriDef3D Dolphin Profile:

Dolphin emulator, 32 bit (x86) version:


Until the Next VR Experiment,